Catch the Drip. Stop the Mess.

Say goodbye to dripping liquid and messy laundry rooms.

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Assembles In Seconds. Easy To Clean.

Fits economy-size detergents and fabric softener spouts. Laundering will never be the same again!

How We Started

Early in 2008, I kept praying that I would be inspired and find a way to work for myself. I felt the way for me to do that was to invent something useful that solved a problem I had. Being busy with a career that I loved, had me traveling all week only to be hit with a bunch of laundry when I got home. And then it happened, while doing my least favorite chore, I discovered a repetitious problem that was causing another mess…. My economy sized jugs of detergent and fabric softener were dripping and splattering on the top of my new washer and dryer.

I did not like the mess that was occurring with each use. I love this jugs because they save me money I can measure accurately depending on the load type and size. The drip and where to place the messy measuring cup was not neat and tidy like I want it to be. And with that I went over to my future husbands house and he had placed towels on top of the washer to set the measuring cups as his rack to hold the detergents and such was directly over his washer too. That weekend I crafted a design and I just invented what I called Tidy-Cup™. I wanted it to match the spigot color perfectly white and designed it to a universal fit, sturdy design and of quality material. It was critical my product Tidy-Cup™ be made in the U.S.A.! I trademarked the name and have a patent to protect my intellectual property.

My Sister and I started selling the first Tidy-Cup™ at the Wisconsin State fair in 2009. Then a dear friend introduced me to my Friend Bill who has a great Amazon store and I work with exclusively.

The future is bright as I am designing another helpful item for laundry to create a line of helpful items for busy people who like to keep things neat and tidy! And of course proudly made in the U.S.A.


Catch the detergent and fabric softener drips before they make a mess

Simple attachment and assembles in seconds

Easy to clean Fits Economy size detergents and fabric softener spouts

Proudly made in the USA

Proudly Made In the USA

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